How to play birthday balloons

Birthday balloons is a game where you can make your own balloon by choosing shape, color, and pattern.

What kind of game are the birthday balloons?

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It’s like karaoke but it says birthday instead of the song name. You need to ask your parents for help if you don’t know the lyrics. Don’t worry they’ll sing it if you can’t.

What’s the purpose of the birthday balloons game?

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The purpose of this game is for people to remember their birthday and sing with their friends and family. This is free so everyone can play without needing to buy anything. I don’t even own a business or an android phone so I hope that it gets popular even though I made this game.

How do you play birthday balloons?

All you do is look at the balloons and find what color balloon says birthday. Then you click on it like how you would in karaoke. If you’re playing with other people then ask them what lyrics they got or sing any lyric that’s already there.

Is birthday balloons a children’s game?

Not exactly. It’s for all ages but the goal of the game is to make everyone happy when they sing or cheer on you while you’re singing. If you’re asked to help someone then please let them know that there are rules and if they do break them then just tell them kindly not to break the rules.

Where did you get your idea?

I was playing with my friends from school and we were using balloons to play freeze tag. When I told them that it looked like a birthday balloon they all got happy about it so I decided to make a game out of it. We tested this at school for everyone to play and it was fun to see everyone laugh and play together. Everyone wanted to play something else so we decided to make this a game.

Is there any other way I can play or should I just sing?

You should always ask nicely for other people’s help since they’re the ones that know how to play. If you have an older sibling or a younger one then they can help you. If not then ask your parents for help because they know the lyrics.

Do I have to sing it?

No, there are options that you can choose from if you don’t want to sing them. You just have to get the right color balloon since it’s like karaoke.

Is birthday balloon free?

Yes, the game is 100% free and I don’t even own an android phone so please play nice and share with other people. If you have friends that are having a birthday then say hello to them by giving them this present for free. You can download it here or on Google Play.

Are you trying to raise money somewhere?

No, I’m not that kind of person. We’re just trying to make people happy and not ask for anything in return from them. Just enjoy the game and share it with other friends who might need to know about this game. If other people want to help then show them the game so they can have fun with others.

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