How to Plan a Great Office Party

the office party

The Office Party is a yearly ritual at the workplace that starts with the Christmas tree and culminates with a company celebration bash at the end of the year. Traditionally, office parties are attended by the whole staff and serve as an opportunity for coworkers to have a bit of a relaxation time before the workload picks up in January. However, with the explosion of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, the number of people posting their Christmas party pictures has reached heights not seen since the advent of email. This has created an ideal scenario for office parties gone wrong. So what should you do?

The Office Party Tradition


The Office Party is traditionally a gathering of close colleagues who enjoy a cup of tea and chit-chat until the night falls. However, this year, make it a standalone event and invite all your Facebook and Twitter friends. Invite them to a Christmas party at your house on December 13th so that they can share a lovely dinner with you and exchange gifts. However, if you are unable to organise a Christmas event as grand as last year’s memorable office party, try some of these ideas.

Have a Christmas Story Night Have your team rehearse a Christmas movie and then have the movie played in the office. Ask them to re-enact some of the scenes with you. Afterwards, have a discussion about the theme song, Christmas carols and the meaning of each scene. If you have deleted scenes from the latest episode of your series, you could play these episodes and encourage the group to discuss the meaning of the deleted scenes.

Encourage Employee Discretion Have a strict code of conduct for any form of non-Christmas activity during the Christmas period. No smoking, drinking, eating or taking drugs. Do not leave alcohol or drugs available in the office, do not leave food on your desk or fridge and ensure that your employees have not eaten lunch. Discretion is key! Discretion is particularly important at Christmas when many people are distracted by family and celebrations.

Get Two microphones And Two IPods Have two microphones on hand so that your team can record the episode if possible. Have two IPods for each team member and one microphone for the guest speaker. You could record the episode with the sound on and just play the recording of a person speaking over again, like in a magic show, until everyone has forgotten what was discussed in the actual episode. This could lead to a very long and boring meeting discussing who did what and where they did it.

Have the contestants Come to the Office Have a mini movie festival for the office with a short opening speech and questions to the actors. This works well if the actors are wearing official Santa suits. For instance, one actor could be wearing a Santa suit that says: “Mr. Potter, Phyllis, I thought I’d let you know… Phyllis Trantino, your new superior, incoming president of Xmas Marketing”. Who do you think will get the most votes?

Summing Up

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Have the Office Party At Least Two Days Before the Episode What better way to get the office ready for the Christmas episode then by doing the entire episode on the other holidays. Send emails to the employees about the events of the episode including the deleted scenes and send out mass text messages to everyone about the episode. For example, if the episode is Christmas Vacation then send a mass email about that and tell the office how the office got together for Vacation. It works well because people love the holidays and they usually make sure the episode is on before the holidays start.

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