Guidelines for Accepting a Wedding Planning Contract During COVID

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Planning a wedding during COVID can be both strenuous and heart-breaking. Strenuous because you will have to think about various safety measures to ensure that no one contracts the disease, and heart-breaking because you will have to cut down on your guest list and only call a few close people. Here is a complete guideline for planning a wedding during COVID.

Consult with your Team

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Speak to your wedding event planners about their safety precautions for wedding planning. You need to speak to the catering team, venue, musicians, video and photography team, and everyone else who is involved in planning your wedding. You need to get a good back-up plan and set alternate dates as well in mind, in case something crops up. You need to take special care that all your loved ones attend your wedding safely and make your special day as great as possible.

Recognize your Priorities

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Everyone has great many dreams for their marriage day. When planning your guest list, first list the names of those you want to call without any second thought. Then write down a second list of extended friends and family members, who you might call a little later when things start looking normal or if your venue team agrees for more guests. Remember to discuss this with your other team members as well.

Safety Measures

A lot of safety measures will have to be taken for the wedding. You will have to have a safety and precautionary team who will be responsible for taking everyone’s temperature. You will also have to arrange for sanitizers in plenty. Ensure that all the serving team wears a mask and gloves at all times. If  you want an elderly member of your family to attend the wedding, let everyone know that you are not supposed to hug them. You also should keep in mind that you cannot hug your guests and maintain safe distances. Let them all know before-hand that children under 12 will not be allowed.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Before sending the invites, you need to inform all the guests personally that the wedding can be called off any  moment owing to any COVID issues. Let them know about the seriousness of the disease and request them to oblige with the safety rules and regulations. You can even consider installing a whole body sanitizing chamber for the guests so that there is utmost certainty. Also, have a second date in mind, in case something unfortunate crops up. Let your team also know about your tentative back-up date.

Planning a wedding during COVID can be tough. But, there is no certainty about this pandemic and no one can rightly predict when it will get over in entirety. If you have already been waiting too long since the lockdown to get married, then it makes sense to plan your wedding now. So, keep these above-mentioned factors in mind.

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