All about the happy birthday banner

happy birthday banner

A birthday is a day that comes once a year. It marks the beginning of another year in one’s life. And if this birthday is celebrated full of joy and happiness, it will definitely bring luck along with many good things in the future too. Happy Birthday banner is one such way to wish your friends, family, colleague, or any other person having a birthday on that particular day. This banner can be used in many ways like for example by writing happy bday messages in it and giving them to your dear ones.

How do I make a happy birthday banner?

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Making this is very easy; you don’t need anything special to make this. All you need is

1- Paper/ Cardboard

2- Marker pens or any other color of your choice

3- Scissors

4- Tape and glue (optional)

5- Good idea for the design.

The very first thing to decide is about the design, whether you want a written banner or a designed one. The written banner is very easy to make, you just need to write your message and then cut it out in the shape of a banner. But designing it might be a little difficult for some people. So if you are not good at it even after trying so hard, don’t worry I will help you through this with an example.

How to design a happy birthday banner?

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For designing, you will need a pencil, paper, ruler(optional), eraser, and color of your choice. Now firstly draw square boxes on the sheet; this square box will be divided into equal parts (equal number of sections). Just like the below picture:

I know it is not clear to understand so let me give you an example. Suppose if your banner’s height is 8 inches and the width of each box is 2 inches, so there will be 16 parts in height and 32 parts in width.

Now draw a grid on it like the below picture:

Draw vertical lines from top to bottom equally spaced. Draw horizontal lines starting from left to right equally spaced.


If you don’t remember how many parts there are; just count each line and multiply this number by a total number of lines (height*width). Like here the topmost horizontal line is divided into 7 parts vertically and 2 parts horizontally, so it will be (7*2=) 14. Similarly, the second line from the top will be (3*2=) 6, the third line (4*2=) 8, and so on.

Now put your pencil in the first square of the grid and draw a diagonal line passing through only two squares as below:

and then follow the same step for the rest of the boxes. Just join each line to make a pattern.

Now you will get an amazing-looking template/sample of a birthday banner. You can draw this on cardboard or paper. Then cut it nicely and paste it at the place where the birthday celebration is made, for example, on the wall, door, etc…

Happy Bday banner clip art is also available at Clip Art galore! to make it easier to design.


So, if you are good at designing then don’t waste your time in making it with paper/ cardboard, just download the example I have given and use it. And if you are not good at designing, don’t worry here is a ready-made sample for you to download and use.

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